The girl behind the letters...

Born and raised in the country, among miles of dirt road and acres of pasture, I learned to find pleasure in simplicity, revel in rust, demand function, and always desire fresh air.

Then there were five sun-drenched years in paradise. The islands of Hawaii taught me to seek adventure and risk, relish all things oceanic, long for the rhythm of sand and surf, and to treasure all cultures, weaving together multiple influences to exceed harmonious ambiance.

Next was six months on the road, traveling on a whim from {east} coast, to {gulf} coast, to {west} coast. I learned to love the sunrise as much as the sunset, that spontaneity is everything, the advantage of not knowing what is ahead, the vast possibilities of an open mind, to soak in every sight, and always have a camera on hand and a notebook close by.

The Pacific Northwest {Portland} is my brand new, tree-filled, crisp, and creative home; a city where nature is not the only thing green, and a little granola mixed with glamour is perfection.

My formal education is a Bachelor’s Degree of Fine Arts in Interior Design, with a value and regard for endless education. I am a LEED AP {Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Accredited Professional} and an Associate Member of IIDA {International Interior Design Association}. I believe the world we inhabit is as important as the spaces we live in; keep both clean, sustainable, and absolutely stunning.

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