Friday, March 12, 2010

A person's place for things...

The very first thing I did on my very first day in Portland was visit my very first retail crush, Noun: a person's place for things.  Fate, some may say kismet, brought us together.  I was scouring online for perfect porcelain acorns, the unbearably cute holiday tree ornament and gift adornment when your last name is Oaks {adorable, bordering on kitsch, I know}.  At the time I was hundreds of miles away, in the middle of transitioning to the Pacific Northwest.  Upon learning the shop with the perfect porcelain acorns {Noun} was in Portland, I opted to pick up the ornaments in person once I arrived in town. 
What an introduction to Portland; I left Noun with ten little acorns, undying love for a vintage chair with mustard upholstery, a new obsession with antique silver platters, and a sense that Portland and I would be lifelong friends.  Here is a sampling of the products that won my heart.
Vintage books, great vintage books.
A collection of vases, glass, ceramics, and containers {both old and new} to hold your beloved belongings and blooms.
Decorative delights from mossy balls to vintage cameras.
The acorn adornments that started it all.
Visit Noun's online shop for more grammatically and visually correct scrumptiousness.  Better yet, go in person.  This post could never do justice to the lovely little antiquities at the shop.  To give you an idea, here are a few images of Noun {from their blog}.
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