Friday, December 3, 2010


This brings a whole new meaning {sculptural & dimensional} to the traditional triangular tree full of prickly pine needles.  Something to contemplate...
{Eldrid has explored her imagination and found this wildly creative use for bringing nature inside - her intention was to create the ambiance of sitting magically under a tree.  It is magical.}


Ren- Lady Of The Arts said...

Great way of incorporating nature on the inside!

a Broad said...

I love it and so much more appealing than dead deer antlers !! :)

design traveller said...

oh, I love this tree decoration! Each spring I put a big branch in a vase and wait for little green leaves :)

Krystal said...

I think I really like that idea for a decoration!!!
and i'm glad you liked that big list, I'm still pouring over it too!

Splendid Willow said...

Hi sweet friend,

I am all for branches and for bringing mother nature into the home. Makes a home more real.

Happy weekend to you.


I have been isanely busy lately. Don't take it personal if you don't hear from. I love you and your blog!

Eldrid said...

Wow! I am so honerd! Thank you Leigha!

I am so happy you liked it!

And hey! I think your blog is great.
Alot of good inspiration in here!

Happy december evning!

Smiles from me:)

Agneta said...

Yes I love Eldrid and her three too, she's a very nice girl with a fantastic feeling!

Thanx for nice comments - as usual! Take a trip to Sweden today, if you like.... (I show some part of my home, my cats & a little bit of me).



Ps. Santa Claus has the right idea. Visit people once a year.......Victor Borge

time worn interiors said...

Loving the branch on the wall! I love natural decor!

Naomi Stein said...

Love this! I bought myself my first tree this year. While I love the smell, I must admit the needles are driving me nuts

The Goods Design said...

This is so lovely - what a relaxing room!

Toñi Buendia said...

nice blog, kisses from spain

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