Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ecology and elegance...

Ecology, elegance, sustainable sources, artisans, organic, and living earth; all of these amazing components and descriptions apply to the philosophy of Viva Terra.  Not only does this company stand for something beautiful, but they offer truly beautiful and unique products.  Allow yourself to admire my favorite Viva Terra goods...
This Railroad Tie Dining Table is made from reclaimed railroad ties {teak, pine, and ironwood}.  The waxed finish perfectly retains the history of each piece.
Brimming with character, this Reclaimed Pine Farm Table is made from raw materials {rafters and floor joists} harvested from gracefully aged barns in Wisconsin. 
No table is complete without the perfect vignette of glassware.  The handmade Porcelain Pear Vases {top} and Recycled Glass Balloon Vases {bottom} are both 'perfectly imperfect' and just right for holding a bloom or two of your favorite vegetation.
Here are two gorgeous options for a place to rest your head.  The charming Farmhouse Bed is on the left.  On the right, the Gustavian Vintage Bed boasts its classic Swedish design influenced by French neoclassical principles.  Both beds are a vision of reclaimed Douglas fir treated perfectly to highlight the wood.
These chic Kalamkari Pillows are the culmination of hand-printed wood blocking with natural dyes and a modern view of antique patterns.
This Vintage Fir Modern Dresser displays the beauty of the same wood as the beds above, making lovely complimentary pieces.  I am not usually one for matching bed suites, but when each piece is as lovely and unique as these, how can I disagree?
A few accessories you might fancy.  On the left, the Whitewash Trophy Lamp would bring light to any room.  On the right, this terra-cotta Laughing Buddha will surely bring a smile to your face.
Possibly one of my favorite finds at Viva Terra, this Vintage Grain Sack Rug is based on {not surprisingly} a vintage grain sack.  The texture mimics burlap but allows for a more comfortable surface.  Truly lovely!
Mirrors have long been used to reflect all things good in life.  Bring a little shine to your space with this rustic Classic Floor Mirror {top} or the delightful mango wood Talisman Mirror Collection {bottom}. 
And finally, though the next product doesn't belong on your walls, it is simply too pretty to be left out.  Wooden beads covered with vintage scarves have never looked so delicious.  Is it too late to ask for this Vintage Silk Scrap Necklace for Christmas?
Looking for more green products with the beauty and character only Viva Terra can deliver?  Make every day earth day at: Viva Terra.
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