Friday, January 29, 2010

Pretty little pigeon toes...

I have had the very fortunate opportunity to relocate to the scenic wonder that is the Pacific Northwest.  I inherently appreciate the view, but I am slowly reminded everyday of the creative milieu that I have stepped into. 
One of these subtle little reminders happened upon my screen again today.  Not long ago, Design*Sponge featured a sweet little vase, cast of a vintage pharmacy bottle by Pigeon Toe Ceramics.  Pure curiosity sent me searching for Pigeon Toe Ceramics and all they have to offer.  I was not disappointed.  Here are just a few of the treasures they make, by hand, every day in Portland, Oregon...
The Cast Pharmacy Bottle that started it all.
Porcelain Garden Stakes {because one day my husband and I really will start the fresh herb garden we have been talking about and dreaming of for five day}.
I have always loved all things mason jars.  My mind often wonders into the many, many uses and adornments of mason jars.  Mason jar lovers everywhere, myself included, will rejoice for this Kerr Votive Lantern.
And last, but most certainly not least, the Cast Vintage Filtering Flask.  Scientific glassware reinterpreted in porcelain.  Artistic genius.
Pigeon Toe Ceramics also has an array of air plant specimens for sale on their Etsy site.  Intrigued?  You should be.  I should also mention the inspired hues they offer as glaze options, including peacock, dove, fig, yolk, ink, etc.  Explore all the pretty porcelain to your heart's content: Pigeon Toe Ceramics.
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