Monday, February 15, 2010

Anthropologie, sweet anthropologie...

Last weekend was full of firsts; my husband and I had our first walk among the streets of downtown Portland, my first trip to the Mecca that is Powell's Books, my first dance with the 'Pay to Park' machines {the machine wins round one}, my first adoration with the Pearl District and the Brewery Blocks, and my first brush with Anthropologie hardware
As I strolled through Anthropologie admiring hangers of ruffled cashmere and hand printed linen, I spotted three large stands of vivid glamour heaped in bins.  The bins are large, round, tiered, and revolving, not unlike the nail bins at a hardware store, where I used to glee at the 'tinks' of dropping nails into the galvanized aluminum buckets as my dad shopped for a myriad of household projects.  But unlike the sharp, severe nails wearing a coat that will soon fade and rust, the hardware is brilliant, glossy, feminine. 
Here is just a sample; a small, whittled, severely edited sample from those pretty hardware bins {it could be much, much larger}.
The Battenberg Iris Bracket is a graphic interpretation of lace and irises.  A rustic reclaimed shelf would look perfect lounging above a duet of distressed brackets.
A doorknob conceived in heaven, the Flora Forever Doorknob will have your hands gracefully caressing lustrous ceramic.
If you prefer subtle, delicate indication to decorative accent, the Hello Goodbye Doorknob will greet you with whimsical charm and leave you with a smile.
Anthropologie houses a collection of melon knobs that would make the produce aisle envious of their vibrant color and succulent curves.  From top to bottom, Ceramic Melon Knob {Orange, Antique Brass}, Mercury Glass Melon Knob {Silver}, and Ceramic Melon Knob {Pink, Zinc}.
A few more knobs worth revealing, from top to bottom.  Peeping Posies Knob in yellow, emitting perfect cherry blossoms with scalloped trim.  The Chronograph Knob is a timeless update by way of its stopwatch persuasion.  The delicate brass Arthurian Knob {Oval} is a filigree ellipse molded into a three dimensional wonder.
This Card Catalog Pull makes me long to be a librarian just so I can get my hands on a card catalog to adorn with pristine brass plates.
And finally, the Dunluce Hook is, "A quatrefoil filled with filigree laurels...."
And, just in case you need a lovely sparkle or two to hang on the beautiful Dunluce Hook, the Hanging Bellflower Bib Necklace {top} and the Silver Foxglove Necklace {bottom} are both just enough to compliment you and more than enough to compete with perfection of the hardware. 
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