Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Antiquitous antiques...

  {something old}
  {something new}
  {something borrowed}
  {something blue}
Though this sentiment is generally applied to weddings, it seems all the ingredients for an inspiring interior are embraced; antiques, new pieces, reclaimed/recycled goods, and a pop of color.
In case your space has everything but {something old}, these Chinese Antique Temple Doors are ravishing.
These wondrous pieces of Elmwood are imported from Beijing, aged perfectly to about two hundred years.  Let your imagination frolic with possibilities for this lovely duo; they would resonate as a headboard, retrofitted doors, modern shutters, art, etc.  These doors are gorgeous enough to simply rest against a wall.  No matter what you make of them, they will always make conversation.
These doors are from one of my favorite stores in Honolulu, Buddawelt.
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