Monday, February 1, 2010

A little commercial, but still lovable...

Yesterday my mailbox was adorned with the latest from Pottery Barn.  Now - I will admit - there is something very mass produced and commercial about this catalog, yet I always find a few endearing pieces.  I like to think that if I pair these suggestions with original treasures, the balance and harmony of the world is maintained.  Wishful thinking?
This Daniella Chest wears the curves of Art Nouveau well. 
Country chic at its finest, the Lucia Dresser would pair beautifully with a few key modern pieces.
Apparently I am a fool for pillows - and vintage coffee sacks!  What can I say?  The whimsy of these Cafe Pillow Covers makes me tick.
These Number Pillow Covers are somehow simultaneously nostalgic and modern; lovely, double-sided, hand-screened, stuffed wonders.
Combine a couple of pristine silver candleholders with country turned-wood versions, and you have just the right combination of shine and rust.  On the top, Silver-Plated Candle Holders.  On the bottom, White and Amherst Pillar Holders
This Parisian wall hanging might just tide me over until I can leave my own footprint in Paris.  Inspired by a raspberry wine label, the Framboises Canvas is soft, but still a statement.
One more nod to nostalgia with this piece, Typewriter Keys.  This composite is made of individual printed wood blocks, reminiscent of typewriter keys.
The Sweets Water Bottle boasts a hand-blown glass silhouette indicative of the less environmentally friendly plastic water bottle; what an enticing way to utilize the office water cooler.
My favorite new Pottery Barn category?  The 'Vintage Finds' section.  Pottery Barn has a new anthology of antique, authentic found objects.  A collection of six Found Milk Bottles - so scrumptious, they earned two images.
 How about the Found Soda Crate to add a little texture to your space?
And lastly, I will leave you with a few inspired office spaces featured on the Pottery Barn Website.  Can you tell I have a home office on my mind? 
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