Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Grass, clouds, and sunshine...

Lately I have been overindulging in grasscloth.  The texture is beckoning me with calm and serene natural materials, and now a hint of sparkle has enticed me even further.  Phillip Jeffries' Glam Grass collection is nature and glamour woven into polish for your walls; the perfect synergy between casual grass cloth and metallic glitz.    
Here are a couple of my favorite grasscloths.  On the left, Maldive Blue Glam Grass is relaxed during the day and laced with metallic sheen for evening incandescence.  Lovely.  On the right, Mango Manila Hemp for a more casual wall texture. 
{Clearly I was still dreaming of Portland skies and lingering on Twig's image when I pulled my picks.}
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