Monday, October 11, 2010

Chromatic theology...

Sink into glamour with a drip of royalty as the Chromatic Theology series continues.
Each post in this series explores an individual hue, but the characteristics of the topic color can be translated into tints and shades. Keep in mind that the effects and emotions we discuss are most prominent and intense in pure, saturated color. To some extent, the distinctive attributes of violet will be present in color variations - lavender, plum, eggplant, periwinkle, magenta, etc.
VIOLET is a secondary color with a challenging personality. Take a mental meander back to elementary school and recall that violet is a mixture of red and blue. This specific combination of hues is ambivalent, as a heavy dose of tension exists within violet’s conflictions of warm and cool, calm and intense. Spaces and color schemes implementing violet are often ambiguous and dramatic. Pale tints {amethyst and lavender} boast whimsical and magical reflections of light, while deep shades {eggplant and plum} are symbolic of dignity and regality {and sometimes laced with a threatening undertone}. If you are new to the world of color, or your eye is less than impeccable, avoid saturated violet tones or dabble with caution {sometimes the power and force of pure drama result in discord and uneasy aesthetics}. Oh, but when violet is applied with skill - the result is stunning success, insinuating artistic expression and sensitivity.
Want to get acquainted with the rest of the rainbow? Indulge in the rest of the series with these previous posts.

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Will @ Bright.Bazaar said...

Loving these saturdated violet hues. Thanks for the inspiration!

Krystal said...

so interesting, I love these posts. And, that first room is gorgeous :)

GB said...

I'm seeing purple and violet and eggplant all over this season and I'm loving it!!! Have a great week Leigha!

Splendid Willow said...

Hi dear,

I don't have a challenged personality (I hope!) and I am probably more on the safe side (does that make me boring?). But I love mixing small doses of violet together with gray. Masculine and feminine in great combination!

Love to you, Mon

Pemberley said...

How beautiful! I think you nailed it when you said 'applied with skill'. It seems to be a tricky color, but when done well it's breathtaking! Nice series, I'll be back!

Helen Ellis said...

What a gorgeous color scheme and marvelous blog, which I found via Housewife Bliss. Thanks for your sweet comment on my flipping out in her Housework 101 finale. Looking forward to exploring your site!
Helen Ellis

Dovecote Decor said...

I am learning. I have always been rather reflexive with color, and love the way you express, more deeply the meanings and good useage. I'll be back for the next lesson!

irina said...

Hi Leigha.

Than you so much !! I presuated that i have so nice bloggfriends i USA.
big hug from me !!

Style Attic said...

YES, I was so excited to see another color therapy (at least that's what it is for me!!).

Interestingly enough, I know of so many little boys who say purple is their favorite color. I can say I've been gender biased that it's a girl color, but a friends son, now my son and by the "Favorite" sheets hanging outside a preschool classroom, I couldn't believe the results. Very cool :)

Remember Purple Pieman from Strawberry Shortcake?!



LLH Designs said...

Im increasingly drawn to deep plum colors. Doesn't really "go" with my interiors, but I try to work it into my fall/winter wardrobe. :)

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