Friday, October 8, 2010


This glimpse of metallic typography, an industrial light bulb, pristine white, and a few leaves is perfect.  This little bit of brightness is from Cherry Blossom
Meander over to EcoSalon and devour my recent words {take a look, maybe even leave a comment or rate my words}.  Soak in the talent of photographer Mikkel Vang and the beauty of Thailand.  Peruse the wooden delights of the sweet little store Canvas.  Enjoy the lovely, lovely words and creativity of Kelle Dame with this week's handpicked take on vintage crates {and visit Ms. Dame's blog - she is a girl of genuine charm}.


Kelle Dame said...

I am loving the metallic typography!! It's just the perfect sheen!
Thanks again for featuring me! It was really fun working with you on that. Anytime you need me again just let me know! I would be thrilled!
On my way to check out EcoSalon again.
Have a good weekend!

Francine Gardner said...

Great styling of the cabinet...will be checking EcoSalon

Style Attic said...

Hi Leigha!

I am embarrassed to say I visited EcoSalon and I'm couldn't find you! Am I missing something? Good chance I am!! I'm sorry, I feel bad. I was all ready to check it out. Got my hot tea ready and everything :)

At least I found you here, where I always love to come. GREAT image. What makes the photograph for me is the door blurred on the right edge. I just love quirks like that.

Have a great Monday! XO,


niartist said...

Hey! Just wanted to let you know that I'm having a pretty great giveaway on the blog I hope you'll stop by to enter! :) Talk soon, Artie :)

A Room For Everyone said...

It is perfect, isn't it? The dark wood with metallic is lovely..Rachaelxx

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