Friday, November 5, 2010

Paper personalities...

These greeting cards from Tokketok are exquisitely simple.  I cannot wait to meet these beautiful paper personalities at little winter


Krystal said...

They really are! I like your header a lot, did it just change or am i crazyyyyy?

GB said...

Those cards are lovely...I just want to run my fingers over them!!!

LLH Designs said...

Dying to see these up close! How I LOVE PAPER! New header? Did you hand pick each word? Knowing the way you like words...I'm thinking maybe so.

Charlotta Ward said...

Can one ever get too much stationery?
I love cards. Actually ALL paper things and my little studio is jammed with plenty of lovely papers! :)

Also loving your header. New?
It feels 'same but different'. Regardless. It is making a statement right now. xx


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