Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Merci beaucoup...

This is where I bow my head in shame.  I owe an immense amount of gracious gratitude to a handful of lovely souls, and it is {long} overdue.
These beloved blogs shared generous, generous {and gorgeous} giveaways with me - a confection of hydrangeas from Ann {PlumSiena}, a bound book of muses from Gaelle {Decoration 'Till The End}, and an adorable print from Karine {Bodie & Fou}.

And even more gratifying, these ravishing ladies bestowed flattery upon elle oh in the form of {undeserved} awards... 

Thank you endlessly. I am blushing and completely humbled.

{Scrumptious and soggy image by December Sun spotted on Lovely Clusters.}


Ann at PlumSiena said...


You are a doll!

Loving your images- it so fun to see how they coordinate with your eloquent words.

XX Ann


Congrats on all of your awards! And thanks so much for stopping by today. Happy to be introduced to yours. Looking forward to looking around :)

Harmoni og Kontrast said...

Hihi, you are so sweet, Leigha. They are so well deserved every one of them! Love, Laila

*The Beautiful Life* said...


You are just too sweet for words, girlie!

And about being "delayed" -- psh... PUHLEEZE!
Who isn't busier than a bee anymore!

We love ya! Period! :)


Charlotta Ward said...

Congratulations my dear!

SO well deserved. You know we love you!

x Charlotta

Annie Wilcox Designs said...

Congrats, Congrats to you. You deserve it. Have a great week.

Karena said...

Leigha it is just so great that we are all supportive of each other!

Be sure to enter my amazing Giveaway from Splenderosa!

Art by Karena

Mona Thompson said...

Isn't that the best thing about blogging ? You can be having the worst of all days and come home and someone has commented with a kind word of encouragement and praise and you just think...yes, I can do this. congratulations! You deserve it all.

Krystal said...

you are funny :) I hope you are doing well!

Eldrid said...

Know that your blog inspire and are such a creative nest of happieness! Thank you for beeing you!

You deserve it!!

Love peace and joy

solene said...

C'est très mérité, toutes ces récompenses !
j'adore me promener sur votre blog!
je viens vous voir de France très souvent !
J'aimerais recevoir votre visite à mon tour ...
Belle journée

Style Attic said...

You are worth every mention and every gift. You deserve a little taste of all that you constantly give!! XO

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