Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Merci beaucoup...

This is where I bow my head in shame.  I owe an immense amount of gracious gratitude to a handful of lovely souls, and it is {long} overdue.
These beloved blogs shared generous, generous {and gorgeous} giveaways with me – a confection of hydrangeas from Ann {PlumSiena}, a bound book of muses from Gaelle {Decoration 'Till The End}, and an adorable print from Karine {Bodie & Fou}.

And even more gratifying, these ravishing ladies bestowed flattery upon elle oh in the form of {undeserved} awards... 

Thank you endlessly. I am blushing and completely humbled.

{Scrumptious and soggy image by December Sun. Spotted on Lovely Clusters.}
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