Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Thoughts in chalk...

This confection of chalk perfectly describes my sentiments.  When Spring comes fluttering around again, I will start a love affair with this skirt and these flowers.
{Photograph from the talented Shanna Murray, spotted on Cherry Blossom.}


Krystal said...

i could use some spring i'm so cranky today!

Rae said...

I am craving the warmth of spring!! Love the sentiment, skirt and flowers! :)

Jennifer said...

right?! all I want is spring! <3 I need it!

Hope you're having a great week regardless of the season!

Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

annie markantonatou said...

i don't wish spring to come, because we haven't really felt winter yet.

Cherry Blossom Girl said...

a perfect blackboard saying ;)
thank you so much for your nice comment today.
u make me sooo happy, Leigha!

Mona Thompson said...

As I sit here and watch it snowing out the window I am definitely with you.

ladytacones said...

hey, you are talented!

Kisses fromSpain!

Charlotta Ward said...

Hang on in there my dear. The fluttering will start in no time..!


xx Charlotta

LLH Designs said...

I love chalk! Reminds me of old school days!

Splendid Willow said...

Hi Leigha,

It is coming. It always comes! (:

Sorry I have not been visiting so much lately. I faced some health issues (a first!) but as of today I am in the clear. Wihoo!

This evening I received an invitation to a blog party in Seattle on Sat. March 5th. Do you want to join me?

Also, I am going to Portland end of Feb.

Warm hugs to you,


solene said...

Oui! le printemps arrive ! ça fait du bien car l'hiver fut très rude ici !
Merci de ton petit mot chez moi ..
ravie que mon blog te plaise ...
Belle journée

Thilda said...

Thank you for visiting in my blog! There is very interesting photos and athmosphere is nice here in your blog! :)

Snows said...

Spring also demand this year!!
Thanks for your lovely comment!! Hugs!

Vanessa Elizabeth l Ruffled Rose said...

Oh I cannot wait for skirts and flats. I'm so over boots and tights!

red.neck chic said...

Chalkboard paint is my weakness. LOL

I'm so ready for spring - and now I'm off to the flower store! Those are GORGEOUS!!!

;-D robelyn

Kelle Dame said...

Exactly!!! I saw pink hydrangeas at the grocery store today and they immediately lifted my spirits. I just can't wait much longer!
Hope you're having a great week!

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