Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Anthropologie 201...

Remember the lecture series I promised?  Let the lecture continue. Today Anthropologie will light up your living room {and life}. This post is all about tufts and weaves, upholstered goods, and window textiles.
This Battersea Sofette has all the tufts and charm your living room desires.
In case your sofa is lonely, here is a charismatic companion - the Conservatory Chair
Dress your window panes with glamour, these panels are unique and completely adorable: Adorations Curtain, Buttonwood Curtain, Deep Sea Curtain, Viceroy Velvet Curtain, and the Spiral Vine Curtain.
Though I am not easily won over by curtains (not usually my cup of tea, I admit), how delicious are those Deep Sea Curtains?!?!
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