Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Jayson's charm...

Elle Decor & Lonny have been seducing me with glossy advertisements from Jayson Home & Garden.  I finally submitted to searching the Jayson Home & Garden website; love at first sight!  Here are a few details I couldn't help but share.
The Vintage French Chair with antique Belgian grain sack upholstery is to die for.
This giclee print of a vintage London Bus Sign is stunning.
Rustic and elegant, the Snow Antler Pillow adds an element of impulse to any space.
Revitalized salvaged warehouse light bulbs serve as Factory Light Sculptures, genius.
Looking for a piece of furniture to last forever?  Try Petrified Wood.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A whimsical table factory...

Factory 20 is a "multi-disciplinary art and design collective" with a lifestyle collection to captivate any audience.  No matter what your style or preference, they surely have something you admire.  Here are a few treasures from the table collection. 
Science Laboratory Work Station Table
19th Century Tailors Work Bench Table
Craftsman Old Growth Pine Bench Cart
French Renaissance Scroll Base Table
Vintage Wood Metal Low Factory Cart
Primitive Slate Top Saloon Table

Monday, March 29, 2010

Two tea parties later...

Lately tea towels have been prying their way into my blog.  I have never noticed a specific affinity for these lovely linens, and yet, here they are again.  Perhaps not having a dishwasher is spurring me to search for a little glamour in doing the dishes?  The latest tea towel fascinations are from Ferm Living, an engaging Danish delight {thank you, decor8, for the introduction}.
Birdcage Tea Towel, Velo Tea Towel, and Lovebirds Tea Towel are three wonders of organic cotton that would be lovely {functional} kitchen embellishments.
While exploring Ferm Living, I found a beautiful collection of scientific glassware, with all the charm and intrigue of chemistry glass. 
And a Stem Vase {large or small} to add a little whimsy to your space.
Possibly the most alluring category of all, Wallstickers {literally stickers for your walls, windows, or the smooth surface of your choice}.  Enjoy these sticky treats: Periodic System, Light Bulb, World Map, Lovebirds, and Powerbirds.

If your household is graced with tiny humans {children}, you will adore Ferm Living's Kids Collection

Friday, March 26, 2010

Gustavian gusto...

Once upon a time, a house was built, photographed, and enjoyed in an unlikely kingdom {Provo, Utah}.  Alice Lane was generous enough to share it with the world, and lucky enough to be part of this home.  Is it wrong to use the humble word 'home' to describe this 14,000 square foot manor of perfection?
Every little detail is flawless.  I have never been so in love with a stair railing!  The clock, the intricacy of the ceiling, the chandeliers, and the finishes - all so lovely.  Everything is swoon-worthy, right down to the unspoiled birch logs in the fireplace.
The beautiful photography {by Ashlee Raubach} has captured this home perfectly.  The home was flawlessly designed by Desiree Ashworth.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Oh la la Los Angeles...

Today I stumbled across Cisco Brothers {thank you John Derian Company}.  Cisco Pinedo puts as much effort into being green as he does into furniture and upholstery design.  From material sources {soy based foam and reclaimed and certified wood} to slight details {eco friendly laundry detergent}, Cisco ensures every part of his design and production is sustainable. 
My favorite Cisco piece?  The Reina Chair; feminine but strong, a wonder in eggplant.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Derian delights...

John Derian Company has 'click upon click' of beauty {just imagine the store in person}.  Here is 'just a taste' of their products.  Are you drooling yet?
A delight that warrants a closer glimpse, the Lobster Tray {from the Decoupage Collection}.
Oh, and I adore this Italian Letter Script Wrapping Paper.  When the wrapping is this perfect, does there even need to be a gift inside?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Anthropologie 101...

A lecture series is in order.  There are so very many swoon-worthy fascinations at Anthropologie these days.  Where else to start than Anthropologie 101?!?  First class - lighting.
The Halo Chandelier is, well, angelic.

This Washed Ashore Lamp is a breathtaking sculpture of reclaimed wood; imagine it graced with the All Around The World Shade.  Simply lovely.
Function meets form in the Blazon Gleam Pendant; it will {eventually} have a gorgeous patina.
The Mechanic's Beacon Light is "aglow with both industrial charm and delicate grace."
If you prefer light with a shade of elegance, the Fluted Pendant Lamp will steal your heart.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Ravishing blue shutters...

There are countless things about this haven that make me exclaim. 
The cornerstones.  The patio.
The hammock.  The relaxing afternoons everyone at this estate must be enjoying.
The fireplace.  The chandelier{s}.  The couch.  The ceiling.
The stairs.  The headboards {all three}.
The countertop.  The mirror.
The pristine little nook with the perfect place to lounge.
I fell for this space the moment I saw it {on Bliss}.  Everything about this place was captured beautifully by Henri Del Olmo's photography. 
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