Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Metaphysical magic...

When I found a little something called Colorstrology, my heart skipped {at least} three beats.  After perusing the site, I am utterly infatuated.  Just as your day of birth lends you an astrological sign, it also lends a specific color that offers insight into your personality. 
My color is sunflower {Pantone 16-1054}, which I see gracefully lounging on the ceiling in this perfect photograph {by Michael Eastman}.  In the interest of {not so subtle} narcissism, here is what Colorstrology had to say about me.
"You are not afraid to fight for what you want.  You have the ability and strength and know-how to persevere in the face of adversity.  You are a generous and loving person and quietly lend a helping hand to a great many people.  Your personal color helps ease your tenacious spirit.  Wearing, meditating or surrounding yourself with Sunflower inspires calm as you continue to learn, explore and attain the many goals that you have on your horizon."
After scrutinizing and evaluating my personal color, I also lingered around long enough to look up the personal colors of just about everyone I know.  It is only fair to warn you that this lovely little place of color palettes is somewhat addicting. 

Monday, August 30, 2010

Fundamentals and flirtations...

Ah, post-vacation blues.  The deep blue of this gorgeous dining room {from the portfolio of Hans Blomquist} is subtly reminiscent of the Aegean blue that somehow wondered into the fresh lake nestled in the mountains of northern Utah where I spent my weekend frolicking and gathering freckles in the sun.   
Speaking of blues, if you have a yearning for the rest of the visible spectrum, visit my guest tutorial at Housewife Bliss today {the photograph above is just a hint of the gorgeous visuals}.  The post is a combination of color fundamentals {including the many types of color schemes} and flirtations {teaming with ideas of how to incorporate color into your interior}.  I even polished my Photoshop skills just for the lovely Housewife Bliss readers.  Go ahead, take a gander...

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Chromatic theology...

Color - seven simple hues with complex connotations. I still remember the moment I met Roy G. Biv in six grade science class. Mr. Biv and his mnemonic for the visible color spectrum still produce nostalgic perceptions of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. This color taxonomy is an efficient way to organize over six million colors into seven simple hues. Each of the six million colors has unique characteristics, charisma, and emotional implications, but for the sake of sanity, I will relish in the overgeneralization of hues and only recognize the original seven. At the risk of offending the amiable Mr. Biv, I also plan to neglect indigo.
Color envelops life, painting every aspect of our environment, consciously and subconsciously affecting our psyche. Among the wealth of scientific studies and results, there sits a practical and applicable cup of knowledge on color. Hues communicate psychological and emotional impact. Although personal impression and perception ranges, general information can help guide your color choices. Selecting the correct color can create an interior atmosphere to suite your space, aesthetics, ambiance, and psychological needs. Never underestimate the power of color.
Each post in this series will explore an individual hue, but the characteristics of the topic color can be translated into tints and shades. Keep in mind that the effects and emotions we discuss are most prominent and intense in pure, saturated color.
Where better to start than red?!? To some extent, the distinctive attributes of red will be present in color variations - cranberry, cinnamon, flamingo pink, cardinal, etc.
RED projects stimulation, force, and intensity. Often considered the strongest color, red provides concentrated psychological impact. Red is like a sexy negligee for your walls, saturated red lips - dramatic and dangerous. Save red for use in active areas that can handle tension, it can be unsettling and unsuccessful in spaces suited for relaxation.
Want to expand on color a little more? Soak in the knowledge of these basic color applications. Come back next week for a flirtation with sunshine - yellow.

{Photographs by Gaelle Le Boulicaut.}

{This series is also running on EcoSalon!}

Friday, August 20, 2010

Leaving on a jet place...

Savor this blissful image by Michael Eastman.  I have swooned for his work before - and just discovered he has new photos {from Cuba and Italy} gracing his portfolio.
All my bags are packed...
I will be traveling through the end of August, so elle oh will seem a little empty {of course I may not be able to resist stopping in}.  Until then...

{The last image found lingering here.}

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Memory lane...

Take a trip down memory lane and travel back to the fourth issue of Lonny.  The repetitive pattern of ostriches gracefully speckled across living room walls and elegant photography of shiny gold heels have been lingering in my mind.  To continue this trip down memory lane, take a trip over to this post {Two Dimensional Ostriches} about Michelle Adam's insanely glamorous apartment.
Enjoy this glimpse of my other words at EcoSalon this week {take a look, maybe even leave a comment or rate my words}.
Relish in these color tips and infuse a little personality into your space with these four simple rules {Non-Invasive Surgery}.  Or continue to swoon for luscious tufted upholstery with this gorgeous gathering of perfect tufts {The Versatile Tuft}.  Explore the 'Handpicked' series with the lovely Rachel of eTTa designs {Handpicked: eTTa designs}.

Plump dividends...

Today the Pacific Northwest started paying sweet, juicy dividends.  Just beyond my back door, ripe blackberries whispering to be picked.  Mmm. 
{Confession.  Technically the blackberries belong to my neighbor.  In my defense, they are dangling deep into my yard and begging to swim in my morning oatmeal.} 

{Whimsical photograph found here.}

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Feminine delicates...

This space {the London loft of Rachel Ashwell} is utterly feminine, delicate, and just one lovely glimpse from the latest issue of Lonny.
The rumpled bed, especially, makes me swoon because of this previous post {from February 24, 2010}.

The allure of an unmade bed...

Rachel Ashwell was recently featured in the UK edition of Elle Decor. Ashwell has created a realm of Shabby Chic products, books, and stores; her most recent book, Shabby Chic Interiors, is brimming with feminine inspiration.
Elle Decor featured this bedroom as the epitome of guest bedrooms - polished, comfortable, charismatic, and welcoming. Ashwell advocates for the 'unmade' bed, proposing the worth of a bed is revealed when rumpled and still refined. This particular philosophy is intriguing, mainly because I never make my bed.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Design bits...

Brace yourself for something new - words, lots of them, strung together in {mostly} cohesive sentences. elle oh will now be graced with periodic posts brimming with glimpses and pieces of pragmatic design bits.  That's right, more than just a pretty face.  Not to worry, I will still force feed you an ample chain of gorgeous images adorned with occasional wit.  But every now and then you will get a heaping dose of words {and information}.  If you panic, just rapidly scroll up or down - you will be safely amongst two dimensional inspiration again.

{This is a little morsel of my work at EcoSalon - click here for the original post.}

Shine and sheen...

Let me paint you a picture: You’re at the paint store. After sorting through thousands of slightly different colors and arduously selecting the perfect tint or shade to embellish your bedroom walls, the indifferent sales clerk asks, “What finish do you want?” Wait, what? You are already emotionally exhausted from sorting through heaps of colors. Dearest reader, let me help.

Choosing the right paint finish is dictated by two things, appearance and function. Finish options range from dull matte to overwhelming sheen.

FLAT paint provides a smooth, matte finish that softens facades and disguises surface imperfections. This finish is difficult to keep clean, so avoid high traffic areas (children and pets will not get along well with flat finish paint). Flat paint is less durable than other options, so keep a reserve of the paint for touch ups. This finish absorbs light and is ideal for hiding bumps, cracks, and flaws.
• Suitable for (adult) bedrooms, dining rooms, formal living rooms, libraries, and ceilings.

EGGSHELL/PEARL/SATIN finishes are similar to flat, but with an added hint of sheen and a large dose of functionality. This cleanable, velvety finish has a charming texture and is ideal for high traffic areas.
• Suitable for hallways, bedrooms (even children’s), family rooms, living rooms, powder rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and woodwork.

SEMIGLOSS paint is lustrous and durable, perfect for areas that are exposed to moisture and get cleaned frequently.
• Suitable for kitchens, bathrooms, utility areas, laundry rooms, doors, trim, and woodwork.

GLOSS paint is an extremely hard and durable finish that exudes a glossy, shiny luster. Gloss finish reflects light and tends to magnify imperfections, so meticulous sanding and surface preparation is essential.
• Suitable for woodwork, trim, floors, cabinets, doors, and furniture.

Because the different finishes absorb and reflect light in different ways, consider the lighting of your space when selecting your sheen. For example, if your dining room has very dim lighting, the space will benefit from a finish with enough gloss to subtly reflect light. In this scenario, an eggshell finish would add a little more sparkle and ambiance than a flat finish.

Add a handful of contrast and dimension to any room by combining several paint finishes. Cover the ceiling with a flat finish to hide surface flaws. Use an eggshell or satin finish on walls for a functional surface with a bit of shine. Select a semigloss finish for doors, trim, and woodwork for a durable, easy to clean surface. Using different sheens within a space is aesthetically pleasing, but ultimately it's a functional solution, too.

Grab your paintbrush!

{Photographs by Emma Lee of Pearson Lyle Management.}

Monday, August 16, 2010

Herringbone haven...

The floors in Chateau de la Couronne {a boutique hotel in France} are a perfect little herringbone puzzle.  Relish the beauty.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Moroccan muse...

After last weekend's adventure, staying home just seems mediocre.  At least my eyes can relish in an exotic little escape with a glimpse of this riad in Morocco through the lens of Trine Thorsen.  Soak up the color and texture.
{As seen on The Style Files.}

Pin-tucks and puckers...

I have been dreaming and drooling over the Organic Cotton Pin-tuck Duvet from West Elm for years.  Literally, years.  Every time I convince myself of its necessity in a certain color, the teasing souls at West Elm dangle a brand new hue in a brand new catalog that sends me back into old ambivalence.  I was completely sold on Clay until they came out with Sea Spray which was rivaled by Amethyst.  Just as I decided indisputably on Clay, it was discontinued.  I would make a brand new decision but it's almost time for the brand new catalog. 
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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Mortar & mold...

This photograph by William Waldron has me completely captivated; the textures, the light, the history, the mortar.  Even the mold.  I am nearly speechless - which {as you know} is rare.
{My endless gratitude to Hvitt for sharing this alluring image.}

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wall cigars...

I was lounging around at decor8 reveling in beauty {as I often do}, when I was smitten with a vintage cigar label print. The lovely home of Allison Jones boasts a two dimensional curiosity that I am completely enamored with. Confession - after a few clicks and googles and lustful sighs, I totally bought it. Just like that. Oh, and did I mention the total cost of one beckoning print {including shipping} is nine dollars and twenty two cents?!?
{Photographs from decor8 by Rohan Anderson.}

Friday, August 6, 2010


Vintage suitcases. Weekend get away. Anniversary. Vineyards. Romance. Wine tasting. How lucky am I?!? Sigh.
{Thank you Mochatini for sharing this lovely photograph with the world.}

Copper charm...

The glow of this Redsmith Dining Chair {from Anthropologie} is enthralling me with copper bliss and Tolix charm. 
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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Insatiable greed...

If I could have this art, I would.
If I could have this couch, I would.
If I could have this table, I would.

If I could have walls this color, I would {but for now I will have to settle for a nightstand this color...more on that later}.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Almost lofty...

I have obsessions.  Exposed brick, upholstery tufts, lofts, tolix chairs, tea towels, and raw concrete are just a sprinkle of the things I covet.  You can imagine how I swooned over this wallpaper by Concrete Wall.  Photographer Tom Haga's work makes a lovely finish for walls.  Of course I am still yearning for walls actually made of concrete and brick {preferably in the form of an industrial loft}, but this should hold me over. 
And {drum roll, please}...

Monday, August 2, 2010

Whimsical Wheel...

Summer.  Whimsy.  Cotton candy.  Innocence.  Young Love.  Caramel Apples.  Romance.  Nostalgia.  These words danced in my head when I saw this gorgeous photograph on the lovely Helt Enkelt.
{Thank you Anna-Malin for bringing me a glimpse of those balmy summer nights of my adolescence - and for generously sharing your talented lens.}

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Soft white...

After a long, blissful summer day, I want to collapse into this soft white bed.  Stylist Stella Nicolaisen stole my affection with this space, the gentle filtered light is begging for company.
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