Thursday, September 30, 2010


Oh.  Ah.  Mmm.  Lovely.  Sigh.
{My endless gratitude to Hviit for introducing me to Tomorrow's Parties, where this delicious image resides.}

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Another stage...

I recently stumbled across another ad campaign boasting a background set that gleams into center stage.  Living Divani offers this catalog brimming with gorgeous photography.  Devour it.
{This little morsel of divinity was spotted on the lovely Design Traveller.}

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Center stage...

As a designer, I live with an occupational hazard.  My eyes always drift into the background, scouring the details.  Whether watching a movie, perusing an ad, attending a dinner party, or scrolling through my google reader, regardless of what is happening in the foreground, my eyes always seem to elevate the materials and furnishings of the background into center stage. 
Classic example, this beautiful collection of images was lingering over at Little Blue Deer.  For a background set to rival a dramatic and intricate wedding dress, it has to be stunning.  The worn walls, glamorous mirrors, typography props, and exposed brick have definitely danced into center stage.  Hmmm...what wedding dresses?!?


How is this for a salivating glimpse of insanely gorgeous Fall colors?!?
{Image from the lovely Bonnie Tsang via Hopscotch & Grace.}

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Chromatic theology...

The recent Chromatic Theology series has given me a slight tinge of color envy. Soak up this post and feed your jealous streak with a heaping dose of green.
Each post in this series explores an individual hue, but the characteristics of the topic color can be translated into tints and shades. Keep in mind that the effects and emotions we discuss are most prominent and intense in pure, saturated color. To some extent, the distinctive attributes of green will be present in color variations - grass, avocado, chartreuse, apple, kelly, olive, etc.
GREEN is a secondary color with harmonious emotional content. Green draws life from yellow, while blue lends a calming effect. One of the only unanimous forms of beauty is nature; green is the predominant color in nature - commonly regarded as the ideal color, carrying the positive charisma of all hues. Color schemes implementing green have been used extensively in offices, institutions, and public spaces, denoting the negative ‘institutional green’. Even in large doses of saturated color, green is rarely offensive. This hue is considered innately pleasurable, sharing calming and restful implications with nature.
Come back next week for an optimistic and lively case of the blues.

{Photographs from Michael Eastman.}

{This series is also running on EcoSalon!}

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Haunted house...

Confession:  I don't believe in ghosts.  Well, except for these gorgeous translucent silhouettes {Mr. Stark, I bow to you}.  I would like to officially extend six dinner invitations to six curvaceous ghosts.  Actually, the gathering of ghosts can move right into my dining room.  Oh, and a single gloomy {smoke grey} ghost can lurk in my bedroom corner any day. 

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Scroll and stop...

Today I was catching up on my google reader.  Scroll, scroll, scroll, scroll, scroll....STOP!  This caught my eye.  There's nothing like rustic wood adjacent to metallic flocked wallpaper to make me swoon.  Sigh. 
This hint of glamour is from the creative genius of All of Irina.  Yes, Irina - I want it all!  I would love to visit Irina - only she would have to move into the guest bedroom, because I want to slumber in this room {what a gracious guest}. 
See more of the room here {including an unexpected, opulent and dramatic black chair lounging beside a gorgeous fireplace}.
{This photograph graciously 'stolen' from Irina herself.}

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Chromatic theology...

The last couple of posts have been glowing with the hues of harvest sunsets and harvest moons {orange}. Rejuvenating with a drop of citrus is a refreshing way to continue the Chromatic Theology series. To some extent, the distinctive attributes of orange will be present in color variations - mandarin, magma, creamsicle, rust, marigold, sweet potato, etc.
Each post in this series will explore an individual hue, but the characteristics of the topic color can be translated into tints and shades. Keep in mind that the effects and emotions we discuss are most prominent and intense in pure, saturated color. {In case you need to catch up on color, gather a glimpse of red or a ray of sunshine with the previous Chromatic Theology posts.}
ORANGE is a secondary color with conflicting emotional content. Recall a few of your second grade lessons and remember that orange is a mixture of red and yellow, boasting the charisma of both colors. Orange demands attention, yet simultaneously extends a warm invitation. The intensity and drama of red are balanced with the mild optimism of yellow. If you like the dangerous connotations of red, opt for a softer, subdued effect with orange. If you find yellow a little too submissive, add a hint of personality with orange.
Come back next week for a dose of color envy - green.

{Photographs from Living Etc.}

{This series is also running on EcoSalon!}

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Pitter patter, pitter patter...

If you know me {or have been to my humble home}, you know I adore Kaypee Soh of Somace.  His artwork is divine.  His partner {Ed Macey} is lovely.  His designer {Isla Schmidt} is charming.  Even his dogs are adorable.  The entire team at Somace is basically perfection.
Isla was kind enough to 'Handpick' this gorgeous artwork {Diamond Head} by Kaypee Soh.  This piece makes my heart go pitter patter, pitter patter.
Enjoy this glimpse of my recent words at EcoSalon {take a look, maybe even leave a comment or rate my words}.
Handpicked: Somace {Somace + Isla Schmidt = Nostalgia}
The Essential Manifesto {Lula Aldunate + Vintage = Gorgeous}
Twenty/Twenty Vision {Eye Exam Charts + Typography = Pure Allure}
Stolen Salt-Soaked Pine {Robin Luciano Beaty + A Barn = Stunning}

Get bold between the sheets...

Despite my best efforts, I cannot seam to harness sunshine and will it into my day, but I can infuse a glowing ray of color to nestle just beneath my duvet.  These sheets are the epitome of Summer.
These amiable wares from Anthropologie are an irresistibly vibrant color in the delicate form of a vivid design. The Circle ‘Round Sheet Set is a lovely field of, “petite dots and bitty petals,” sprinkled on a bed of organic cotton.
{This was my brave attempt to embrace Fall - only I think I still wound up tangled in Summer.}

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

An unperfect gray...

Summer is over? This weekend I fell into a mildly {okay, drastically} depressing epiphany. The skies were an ambivalent gray. Summer is over. I am beginning to doubt if I will ever adjust to the fleeting sense of sunshine that is the ephemeral Pacific Northwest Summer.
The impending bed- layered with soft blankets {this gorgeous hint of greige is from Linen and Lavender}.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Chromatic theology...

I have been knee-deep and swimming in color lately {the recent sprinkle of posts provides clear and undeniable evidence}. Float through this post as the chromatic theology series continues.
Each post in this series will explore an individual hue, but the characteristics of the topic color can be translated into tints and shades. Keep in mind that the effects and emotions we discuss are most prominent and intense in pure, saturated color. {In case you need to catch up on color - gather basic knowledge and catch a glimpse of red with the inaugural post.}
Basking in the warm glow of gentle yellow is a perfect way to continue frolicking through chromatic theology. To some extent, the distinctive attributes of yellow will be present in color variations - mustard, butter cream, saffron, sunflower, etc.
YELLOW is a strong warm color, with pleasant and optimistic emotional content. Yellow is the least problematic color, a cheerful and non-aggressive hue. This jovial hue is highly-reflective, producing expansive characteristics reminiscent of sunlight. Soft tints of yellow {butter cream and pastel pineapple} serve as great background colors - active with mild stimulation. Inviting yellow into your home is like ordering a glass of house wine, safe; you may not swoon for the taste it leaves in your mouth, but at least you won’t hate it either. Yellow is simple and amiable, and every now and then - unexpectedly brilliant.
Come back next week for a drop of refreshing citrus - orange.

{Photographs from the portfolio of Mel Yates.}

{This series is also running on EcoSalon!}

Scavenger hunt...

Sifting through the new delights at Anthropologie always leaves me feeling full {of ways to spend my life savings} and graciously satisfied. This Copper Clad Dresser has me smitten; I would like to set 'him' up with his copper tolix soul mate for undeniable eternal bliss.
And now, a scavenger hunt. Here are a few of my words on EcoSalon. Squeeze the last few drops of summer from September with this gathering of rope commodities for a nautical splash of coastal bliss. Tour the art studio of my dreams {in a lovely custom barn}. Learn the proper proportions of world geography with these gorgeous wall maps {do I even need to mention the metallic seas?!?}. Take another trip through Liza Giles' London flat {no, I will never tire of this interior}.
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