Thursday, April 29, 2010

Subtle seduction...

Greige is often seducing me with sultry images of quiet glamour and introducing me to perfect shops like Cote Bastide.  Glimpses of linen and patina grace the Cote Bastide website.  Here is a handful of bliss.
{All images from Cote Bastide.}


In honor of my rainy, wet April, here is a peak at the charm of spring. 
{Beautiful photography by Gaia at Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.}

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Oh, those walls, too...

Exposed bricks make me smile.  I adore the texture and history they communicate.  One day I will have walls like this.
{Images originally from Anthropologie, as seen on The Goods Design - one of my favorite blogs.}

Oh, those walls...

This living room is the epitome of casual grace.  The exposed brick walls anchor the large windows brimming with sunshine; the high ceiling perfectly opposes the low furnishings.  Perfection!
{Original image from Marie Clair Mason, as seen on the lovely Harmoni og Kontrast.  I am completely smitten with Harmoni og Kontrast, or harmony and contrast; it's full of beautiful things.  Expect to see many references to the adoration of Laila.} 

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Factory production...

Remember my love for a whimsical factory?  I have to share a few more treasures from the production line at Factory 20.  These industrial pieces are unique and bursting with character.  Oh, how I long to live in Sterling, Virginia!
Some inspired chests to hold your beloved belongings:
Laundry would be infinitely more blissful with this vintage basket.
Absolutely my favorite, these zinc firewood holders are perfection.  I almost want to build a fireplace - just to have a pragmatic excuse for one {or two}. 
My kitchen counter is pleading for this adorable little card catalog {perhaps I could finally organize my recipes?}.
Three vintage suitcases stacked imperfectly equal an inspired side table.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Romantic reveries...

Hvítur Lakkrís has completely stolen my heart; Gua's blog is brimming with glamorous images of perfectly styled romantic vignettes {lovely places to sit and dream}.  Here is just a tease {there is so much more creative perfection to adore}.
Oh, how I wish this was just beyond my back door.
{All images from Hvítur Lakkrís.}

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Until we meet again...

My husband and I are about to leave for a relaxing week of sun {beach} and shade {giant redwood trees}.  This escape to nature {camping} means leaving the lap of luxury, no internet {gasp!!!}.  Despite the anxiety of leaving my laptop behind, I am looking forward to fresh air, certain that I will be dreaming of elle oh {and Catherine's dining room}.  I will be back {refreshed and rejuvenated} April 26th.
{Confession:  I am already eager to return.}
{Lovely image by Julia Anna Newman.}

Friday, April 16, 2010

Crisp and clean...

Designed by Helena and Pelle Hallgren, this home is a sanctuary.  It feels so pristine, yet casual enough to live in {the perfect combination}. 
{Photography by the talented Mari Eriksson via Skona Hem - thank you Greige for introducing me to Skona Hem.}

Wabi sabi whimsy...

Skona Hem has been charming me with Swedish simplicity.  Upon scouring their site, I came across an article on Wabi-sabi contributed by Pernilla Eriksson.  Ms. Eriksson describes the general elements of Wabi-sabi as authentic, modest, natural, intimate, and imperfect.  Interior embellishment, under Wabi-sabi doctrine, is natural {literally from nature}, driftwood, flowers, branches, shells, and all nature has to offer.  Wabi-sabi assigns heavy emphasis to constant change; nothing lasts, nothing is finished, and nothing is perfect.  
There has always been a little Wabi-sabi whimsy in my design aesthetic. I love the sense of fleeting design; each ephemeral moment is embraced and then released.  Wabi-sabi is a great reminder that interiors are not just defined by appearance and aesthetic, but how they feel and the emotions they invoke.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Experiencing severe withdrawals; it has been too long since my last Studio Choo fix.  Revel in these blooming branches.

Pretty little pigeon toes...

One of my first posts was about the lovely pieces of porcelain produced by Pigeon Toe Ceramics.  Lisa Jones {the talent behind Pigeon Toe Ceramics} has once again won me over.  In addition to my original adoration of their products, here are a few more items you will immediately want to own:  Mason Jar Pendant Light, Wall Mount Test Tube, Hanging Test Tube, and Folded Salt and Pepper Cellars with Spoon.  
Pigeon Toe Ceramics has a lovely little Etsy shop to satiate your sweet tooth.  I cannot wait to visit their shop this summer.
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