Thursday, July 22, 2010

Reveries and resumes...

I am still completely involved in my reverie about this wondrous collection of tuftsJames Merrell captured its likeness perfectly.  By the way, Mr. Merrell's portfolio is a horizontal slideshow of pure pleasure.
On another note {drum roll, please}, I am now stringing words {and pictures} together for the Shelter section of EcoSalon.  Here's a quick glimpse of my work at EcoSalon this week {take a look, maybe even leave a comment}.
Forecast Sunshine {Sunlight + Mirror = Magical}
The Bee's Knees {Six legs + Honeycomb = Whimsy}
Hand-Printed Loveliness {Ink + Spindle = Perfection}
Handpicked: Harmoni og Kontrast {Laila Kaldestad + Cathrine Kullberg = Birch Bliss}
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