Thursday, August 19, 2010

Memory lane...

Take a trip down memory lane and travel back to the fourth issue of Lonny.  The repetitive pattern of ostriches gracefully speckled across living room walls and elegant photography of shiny gold heels have been lingering in my mind.  To continue this trip down memory lane, take a trip over to this post {Two Dimensional Ostriches} about Michelle Adam's insanely glamorous apartment.
Enjoy this glimpse of my other words at EcoSalon this week {take a look, maybe even leave a comment or rate my words}.
Relish in these color tips and infuse a little personality into your space with these four simple rules {Non-Invasive Surgery}.  Or continue to swoon for luscious tufted upholstery with this gorgeous gathering of perfect tufts {The Versatile Tuft}.  Explore the 'Handpicked' series with the lovely Rachel of eTTa designs {Handpicked: eTTa designs}.
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