Friday, October 1, 2010

Chromatic theology...

Plunge into a gorgeous case of the blues as the Chromatic Theology series continues.
Each post in this series explores an individual hue, but the characteristics of the topic color can be translated into tints and shades. Keep in mind that the effects and emotions we discuss are most prominent and intense in pure, saturated color. To some extent, the distinctive attributes of blue will be present in color variations - navy, cerulean, peacock, indigo, blueberry, aegean, etc.
BLUE is the coldest color {for more on warm and cool colors - devour this post}. Blue demonstrates intense relaxation, denoting simplicity, purity, dignity, and truth. This hue is frequently coupled with intellectual activity; blue is contemplative, thought provoking, and meditative. Saturated or bright, blue can be lively without tension. Blue reflects the calm expansiveness and subtle movement of the sky and ocean. Light tints {robins egg and ice blue} express soothing tranquility balanced with quiet optimism. Darker shades {deep navy and indigo} frequently have a dignified and undeniable presence – sophisticated, heavy, and potentially depressing; these dark shades of blue are often associated with authority, having official implications. Pair regal shades of deep blue with crisp light neutrals to infuse a hint of optimism.
Come back next week for a dose of glamour and drama – violet.
Want to get acquainted with the rest of the rainbow? Feast your baby blues {or sultry hazels} on the rest of the series with these previous posts.

{Photographs from A Punch of Color.}

{This series is also running on EcoSalon!}
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