Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Infuse, then imbibe...

Infuse, then imbibe.  This is my {brand new shiny} mantra.  My dabble in infused vodka seems to have peaked a few curious imbibers, so I thought I would share a recipe or two {or three}.

First, from Sweet Paul {I lovingly refer to him as Mr.Martha}:
Fig & Vanilla Infused Vodka
1 liter bottle
1 liter vodka
1/2 pound dried figs
1/2 vanilla bean {cut in half lengthwise}

Combine all ingredients in the bottle {I use this beautiful little bottle available here}.  Let stand one week.  Discard figs and vanilla beans.  Serve on the rocks in a tumbler with 1/2 fresh fig as a garnish.  I also did a modified version with pomegranates and cranberries {instead of figs}.

I spotted my second vodka adventure here, Coffee Vanilla Bean Liqueur {from Molly Watson at The Dinner Files}. Time will tell if I have the patience to wait four to six weeks for this delicious and dark liqueur to brew.

The third vodka adventure was truly an adventure.  I threw six candy canes into a pint of vodka {the plan is to serve it with homemade hot chocolate}.  It's still brewing...but it's already delicious.

Merry infusing.  Merry imbibing.
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