Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Factory production...

Remember my love for a whimsical factory?  I have to share a few more treasures from the production line at Factory 20.  These industrial pieces are unique and bursting with character.  Oh, how I long to live in Sterling, Virginia!
Some inspired chests to hold your beloved belongings:
Laundry would be infinitely more blissful with this vintage basket.
Absolutely my favorite, these zinc firewood holders are perfection.  I almost want to build a fireplace - just to have a pragmatic excuse for one {or two}. 
My kitchen counter is pleading for this adorable little card catalog {perhaps I could finally organize my recipes?}.
Three vintage suitcases stacked imperfectly equal an inspired side table.


salige lavendel said...

This is REALLY NICE pictures, I would like some of these furnitures in my home too! Nice blog you have!!I will come back =)

Liv Elin said...

Ooooh the chest with the littles drawers!! I lovesss it!

Gaia said...

i adore old luggages! I have them and I'm always looking for some new!

The Goods Design said...

Part of me wishes I lived in a gritty downtown loft so I could fill it with these urban, industrial goodies. Great find!

Something White said...

found you through Harmoni&Kontrast-blog... and happy to find here so many beautiful inspiration. Great items on all these pictures, I do like that industrial style.
Best regards from Belgium,


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