Friday, April 2, 2010

Silken sunshine...

This second day of April is soggy and brimming with puddles; buckets of rain and drizzles of water have moistened everything. 
Everyday would seem a little brighter with this bed, which probably comes with the wrong side removed; wake up to sunshine everyday {or at least wake up to daffodil Dupioni silk everyday}. 
{Just another lovely find from This is Glamorous with beautiful photography by Mel Yates.}


{g} said...

one of my all time favourite photos {and beds!} -- there really couldn't be anything but sunny mornings with that yellow silk, could there?


Leigha said...

I agree completely. Thank you endlessly for sharing it {and visiting and commenting on elle oh}. It's kind of thrilling to have one of your favorite bloggers come by!

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