Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Flushed and blushing...

Absolutely shaken and weak in the knees...this humble little blog was mentioned on decor8!  Truth be told, Holly {of decor8} was actually admiring all the deliciousness of greige, but elle oh was credited with the introduction. 
{Confession: I am just honored to be uttered in the same sentence as decor8 and greige.}


Charlotta Ward said...

Congratulations! Love Christina over at Greige - she has the best sense of style and I am literally drooling when she posts. ..and Decor8 is a classic!
How wonderful you were in this fab mix - I will go there now and read on.

x Charlotta

P.s. Am new here but can see I will be back often.

Lizinka said...

YAY! With a wee little blog of my own I can imagine how awesome that must be. They brought me over here and I am hooked! You have been added to the reader. :)

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