Monday, April 26, 2010

Romantic reveries...

Hvítur Lakkrís has completely stolen my heart; Gua's blog is brimming with glamorous images of perfectly styled romantic vignettes {lovely places to sit and dream}.  Here is just a tease {there is so much more creative perfection to adore}.
Oh, how I wish this was just beyond my back door.
{All images from Hvítur Lakkrís.}


ZAIRA said...

It's an amazing blog indeed, one of my favourite really. I get lost as well in these images, so charming!!! Hugs, Zaira

Harmoni og Kontrast said...

Just wonderful, I love Guas blog as well:-) Please feel welcome to my home on my blog today - a "little bit" more colourful;-) Hugs from Laila

Gúa said...

Thank you so, so much!
I´m honored and extremely proud, that you give me your time and feature me on your blog!

My hugest hugs to you, and all my best as well.
Take care...

Charlotta Ward said...

Yes lovely indeed. Perhaps a tad too much on the romantic side for me, but a great source of inspiration never the less.
Will for sure pop back for updates over at Gua's, so thanks for the link.

x Charlotta

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