Sunday, April 18, 2010

Until we meet again...

My husband and I are about to leave for a relaxing week of sun {beach} and shade {giant redwood trees}.  This escape to nature {camping} means leaving the lap of luxury, no internet {gasp!!!}.  Despite the anxiety of leaving my laptop behind, I am looking forward to fresh air, certain that I will be dreaming of elle oh {and Catherine's dining room}.  I will be back {refreshed and rejuvenated} April 26th.
{Confession:  I am already eager to return.}
{Lovely image by Julia Anna Newman.}


Paty said...

Have a nice trip! I am glad you are not taking your lap top. Hopefully you will be taking your camera! :-)

Rebecca June said...

Have fun! I am not a camping girl so you will have to tell me how it really is, as my husband is desperate for us to go!


Rebecca June

vosges paris said...

I hope you are having fun ;)
we are having our first weekend with more then 20 degrees here!
see you around again

Leigha said...

Sigh. Finally back. The fresh air was refreshing, the redwoods were breathtaking, and the week was pure and perfect. We had a few adventures, spotted a few 'creatures' and took a lot of pictures. Success.
P.S. Rebecca, go camping! It's dirty and gross, completely unglamorous and absolutely endearing. You will love it.

Mara said...

Hi dear Leigha! and thank you for your sweet comment! I'm really curioso to look at your camping pictures!!! ;)

Have a nive week!

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