Thursday, February 4, 2010

Artisan sustainability...

Tucker Robbins is a designer with a purpose; his vision prominently displayed through a short documentary exhibiting values of ", respect, tradition, hands on, and making a difference," greeting visitors with significance long before he tries to sell you his products.
After, and only after, you experience his message are you directed to a website full of striking, unique, one-of-a-kind pieces.  Each item is made entirely by hand, nothing manufactured, nothing mass produced. 
Here are a few luxurious interiors with Tucker Robbins embellishing:
Robbins' accessories are the brightest facet of his product line.  Acacia in the form of lovely organic spheres, Giant Wooden Balls are Tucker's tribute to the primordial form.  
An extraordinary statement in the form of wall art, the Feather Headdress is indicative of Cameroon highland custom.
There are several products salvaged from Southeast Asia, specifically the Philippines.  The Philippine Ladders {top} were found 'as is' in Philippine farmhouses.  The Solid Columns {bottom} are made from various woods reclaimed from house supports, simple elegant structures to stand alone or be adorned.

A few notable furniture pieces, the Japanese Coffee Table {top}, made from recycled Philippine sleeping boards, and the Dutch Chair {bottom}.
Tucker has an extensive and exquisite collection of stools, most of which can double as side tables.  Acacia carved to an immaculate finish; the Hollow Cube {top} and the Pierced Cube {bottom} make glamorous, primitive pieces. 
Relying on a more organic form, the Cup Stool and the Pouf Stool both earn their keep as conversation topics alone.
Allow Robbins to brighten your space through his unique lighting: Tucker Robbins Lighting.  Definitely worth a click or two, find your way to his lighting collection by first clicking "Catalog" and then "Lighting".
Not surprisingly, Tucker Robbins boasts indulgent price tags.  Even if a personal Tucker Robbins piece is out of reach, we can all appreciate and take inspiration from his creativity and focus on global social responsibility.  Robbins himself travels to faraway lands to experience his sources and immerse himself in local heritage, both for technique and inspiration.  Tucker Robbins proposes a new type of sustainability and green design, where not just materials, but cultures, artisans, and traditions are sustained.
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