Thursday, February 11, 2010

Love, love me do...

Love is in the air, and in the cards.  As the day of Cupid draws closer, pulpous declarations of love abound; here are a few I would love to give {or get} this Valentine's Day.
Lark Press of Portland, Oregon is a letterhead company that still produces graphic and textual beauty by hand - just what your valentine deserves.  {And in case your valentine comes with a proposal, they make flawless wedding invitations}.
Nouveau Designs prints a romantic swirl on scientific sketches.
Earmark has a sweet sentiment worth sharing.
Enjoy Design extends the opportunity to personalize a charming creation with clever words and endless wit...
{peanut butter to my jelly}
{laughter to my life}
{sprinkles to my cupcake}
{lyrics to my song}
{rc cola to my moonpie}
Wheeler Studio has some sugary graphics to sweeten their endearing words. 
Looking to give your heart to someone, but can't find the words? Let this Anatomical Heart printed on a vintage French-English dictionary page by CrowBiz do the talking for you.  Romantic in a traditional sense? No, but charismatic and unique, just like the one you love.
Jessica Gonacha creates lovely prints with a distinctive presentation.  Hang your valentine{s} on the wall this year, because a clothesline strung with adoration is timeless.
No matter who has earned your love this year, show them with a little luxurious paper creation.
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