Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Shine indeed...

House Beautiful just introduced me to Shine by Susan Hornbeak Ortiz.  Shine is a collection of bold, bright, and graphic furnishings, accessories, and artwork.  
This Marbella Buffet layers lacquer and resin for a piece that is simultaneously simple and lavish.  While the turquoise is lovely, my heart longs for Gray or Chartreuse. 
Shine has an inspiring collection of artwork, including two avian pieces to give flight to your space.  Peepsie {top} and Cockatoo {bottom}.
Rope, indicative of coastal, nautical brilliance would complete an ocean inspired interior; artwork that is both subtle and bold - the ideal pop from a sea of blue walls.
"I have always been drawn to capture the essence of beauty in all its forms."  {Susan Hornbeak Ortiz}
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