Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Found object...

This marks the first post dedicated to my new love, restoration and refinishing.  I suppose I shouldn't use the term new to describe this passion, because I have always longed to do it; maybe I should say that I am finally getting around to my old love, restoration and refinishing.  Regardless of the adjective, this is my first piece, my first venture.
This charming side table is a product of Craigslist.  By the way, I love living here {the greater Portland area}, where actual, aged, solid wood furniture is always available and begging for purchase on Craigslist.  Love, love, love.
The only negative?  The painstaking choice of what to do with it.  Polished and pristine?  Or rustic and antique?  Stained wood or color?  Vibrant and bold or soft and muted?  Turmeric yellow?  Gentle navy?  Normandy Gray?
Stay tuned for the 'after' picture {if I ever decide just how to treat this picturesque piece}.
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