Monday, March 8, 2010

Glorious Grosgrain...

There is something about a slightly gloomy, somewhat dreary, partly sunny, very drizzly Portland Monday; grounds for all things creative.  A haphazard mound of clay, ribbon, hemp, scissors, sandpaper, buttons, pears, and bits of everything strewn about is evidence of my afternoon.  Making things makes me smile.
In pursuit of a project {my latest obsession, fabric flowers and rosettes}, I came across Grosgrain.  My dear, sweet Grosgrain has generously shared a tutorial for making perfect fabric poppies.  I will be enveloped in these poppies one day.
To further contribute to the demise of my days {into fabric flower infatuation}, this necklace is featured on Grosgrain; additional evidence that I could exist solely on the wonder of Etsy.  The aptly named Partly Sunny Necklace by Allora Handmade is to die for, just what my life needs to equalize the afternoon drizzle.
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