Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Porcelain and platinum...

Italian architect and designer Paola Navone has my attention and affection.  Her products are simply exquisite.    
Miss Navone has a lovely tea collection available through The Conran Shop. Her Silver Shiny New Baroque Coffee Cup and Saucer and Milk Jug are delights in porcelain and platinum.
If Paola hasn't won you over just yet, she is about to.  Her new collection, Taste {for Reichenbach}, is one of the loveliest gatherings of design and porcelain in existence.  This collection is beyond perfection.  My eyes will never tire of these graphic lines in crisp white; these pieces will adorn my walls one day.
My gratitude to Love. Obsess. Inspire. for introducing me to this collection (what a serendipitous search find for Paola Navone). 
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