Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Little Green...

The Little Green is a little company committed to green initiatives.  They sell paint and wallpaper with a true devotion to the environment.
Enjoy this bit of eye candy from the wallpaper department.  Take note, these papers are all printed on recycled and/or sustainably sourced materials {for every tree used, they make certain another four are planted}.  The Little Green prints with non-toxic pigments and advocates the use of their solvent free wallpaper paste.  How is that for a little green on your walls?!?
Silver Pine from the Oriental Papers collection {inspired by traditional Japanese kimono design}.
London Wallpapers II is a collection of historic wallpaper designs {based on original samples from the English Heritage archive at Kenwood House in London}.  Ascending from top to bottom, Paris Grey Marlborough, Marigold Lansdown Walk, and Quartz Lower George Street.
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