Monday, March 29, 2010

Two tea parties later...

Lately tea towels have been prying their way into my blog.  I have never noticed a specific affinity for these lovely linens, and yet, here they are again.  Perhaps not having a dishwasher is spurring me to search for a little glamour in doing the dishes?  The latest tea towel fascinations are from Ferm Living, an engaging Danish delight {thank you, decor8, for the introduction}.
Birdcage Tea Towel, Velo Tea Towel, and Lovebirds Tea Towel are three wonders of organic cotton that would be lovely {functional} kitchen embellishments.
While exploring Ferm Living, I found a beautiful collection of scientific glassware, with all the charm and intrigue of chemistry glass. 
And a Stem Vase {large or small} to add a little whimsy to your space.
Possibly the most alluring category of all, Wallstickers {literally stickers for your walls, windows, or the smooth surface of your choice}.  Enjoy these sticky treats: Periodic System, Light Bulb, World Map, Lovebirds, and Powerbirds.

If your household is graced with tiny humans {children}, you will adore Ferm Living's Kids Collection
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